Building Greener and more Resilient Communities. Together.

Financing the future of energy efficiency and property safety

Seismic Retrofits

CounterpointeSRE partners with numerous CA governments and building departments to provide long term financing for seismic retrofits. We can help property owners required by city ordinance to strengthen their properties.

Commercial Energy Retrofits

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate provides up to 30 year financing for energy retrofits including solar, led HVAC or energy saving installments or equipment to enhance your property and improve your building's value.


Create jobs, lower your community's energy footprint, homeowners save money and help future generations. It's not often community leaders can fulfill all these goals with one program. Find out how partnering with AllianceNRG can help your city or community.

Contractors and Engineers

We know finance, engineering and construction. We know how to make financing run smoothly so you can work more, troubleshoot less.