CSCDA joins with AllianceNRG Program to building greener and safer California communities. Together.


No cost to Municipalities

Participation is at no cost to city and county governments and requires no administrative support. Municipalities can participate in AllianceNRG by simply executing an opt-in resolution.


Economic Opportunities and Benefits

Stimulates the local employment, reduces energy and water utility bills and provides improvement financing  property owners increase the value of their properties


Simple Turn Key Solution

The program offers a cost-effective solution for property owners to finance clean energy, energy efficiency and seismic retrofit projects, with loan repayments made through the property owner’s tax bill.


Safety & Energy Benefits

Seismic strengthing protects communities while energy efficiency and renewable energy contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 

Helping communities improve safety, create jobs and meet environmental goals, AllianceNRG is a CSCDA PACE program and a member of the Open PACE platform.


AllianceNRG is a strategic initiative between Counterpointe Energy Solutions - Leidos Engineering and brings:


  • Best-in-class technology-based origination and municipal interface
  • Engineering services/logistics from an award-winning engineering firm
  • Global investment banking, securitization and municipal bond expertise
  • Financing for residential, commercial and seismic retrofits 

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