Financing the Future of Commercial Energy Efficiency 

Building Greener Properties Together


Long Term Financing

The Program matches financing to the useful life of each retrofit. Terms as long as 30 years, better matching the life your assets

Municipal Tax Assessment

For accounting treatment and repayment,  Program financing is a non ad-valorem improvement tax which is  levied on your property.

Solar Installations

The  Program is an excellent way to finance solar installations, and allows you to keep the rebates and tax credits.

Assessment on the Property

Program financing is attached to the property, and the assessment will travel to the new owner if the property is sold. There are no due on sale or other acceleration provisions.


Commercial Energy Improvements with 100% financing

  • Long term financing up to 30 years
  • Term matches the useful life of the improvement 
  • Accounting treatment similar a tax assessment
  • Financing travels with the property upon sale
  • Self amortizing assessment , no balloon payment



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